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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello world

well life has been good ?? so far its just that when it comes to saturdays you dont know what
youll wake up for ...
and its like I watch cartoons in the morning mind me its my childhood habit to watch cartoons in saturday mornings ... its just me i dont know about you but sometimes i just wanna get down and just feel like a kid sometimes you know what i mean ... XD
anyway while i was doing my sej On sat ... my cousin just called me up to go for a swim and im like okay ... where ... its kinda near my house and ive ditch my cousin when he asked me out for like so many times and now im like .. who cares ...im going for a swim and i gotta work out too ... lol ... so we went with two other girls who we just sort of met and for the first time i felt so close like as if we knew each other for so LOng ?? ...
and they were from Wangsa Melawati School .... which i kinda miss it right now =( ..
anyway .. moving on so yea Charles and i decided to get a dip and then we wanted to go for the Kids slide ... in Villawangsamas ... and my Crazy cousin just went up and then when we were about to slide down ... guess what the management came .. and like literally scold My cousin and I like i mean yell in chinese all the swearing words came out and im like shit shit shit ,... haha for the first time i kinda fell ashamed ... we laugh it all out in the end ... but it was an awesome hang out .... hope to see you people soon =)

Mood swings

Its hard
to like change from the mood of a weekend to a normal school day ... its driving me nuts already ..
and its like rest and knowing the next morning you gotta freaking get up early and get your butt to school ,,
and then stoned ... but i guess the best part of going to school is friends ? , sports ,laughter ,maybe studies ?? ,ICT room (facebook in school ) and hang outs and stay backs ... i kinda wonder this is gonna end for the next year pretty sick huh >??
but gotta except it... its life ...


i cant believe I missed it ... like alot ya know i so wanted to go ?? but my parents wouldnt allow they think its a waste of time ... but anyway i kinda asked my friend to buy me a T paramore T ... and like totally wear it everyday ... and it cost aaheeemm .... well in Sing Its 40 bucks so in msia ,.... would be 85 ?? sssshhhh my parents dont know XD ...
but its totally awesome and talyor yorks brother is playing the guitar in case you didnt know Josh Farro is getting married BABEh !! ... hahah i will and always be their number one supporter .... love them so much .... their music is just Amazing ,....

till then till i get my ideas .... more blog updates and( no Ngiam not that update) ... k its so not cool ... get a life ....

boonhoe -

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